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Caruso's Floors

Formerly the Linoleum Shop

402 W Indiana Ave.

Spokane, WA 99205


(509) 327-6661


Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday - 10am - 3pm

Sunday - Closed

Meet the Caruso's

In 1933, our country was in the midst of The Great Depression. Times were tough and jobs were scarce. Brothers Phil and Sam Caruso were selling linoleum flooring door to door in the San Francisco Bay area. When Phil read that President Roosevelt had approved plans to construct the Grand Coulee Dam he decided to move back to his hometown. It was Phil’s belief that Spokane would economically benefit by the construction of the dam and pull through the Depression.


Upon moving back to Spokane Phil opened The Linoleum Shop in the building that had housed his father’s former grocery store on Monroe Street. Initially, The Linoleum Shop’s focus was the specialty floor covering. (Prior to the opening of The Linoleum Shop, floor covering was only sold in department stores.)


Now, 89 years later, The Linoleum Shop has changed its name to Caruso’s Floors. One thing, however, has not changed- the determination to provide quality products and excellent service.


Second and third generations are now at the helm. Phil’s son, Bill, and Bill’s son, Mark own and operate Caruso’s Floors and have expanded the business substantially from its humble beginnings.


Caruso’s Floors moved to its current location in 1974, along with expanding the flooring products they sell. By keeping the latest trends and home fashions in the forefront, you will find all types of flooring available in Caruso’s showroom- from hardwood, to ceramic tile, porcelain, granite, cork, bamboo, area rugs, carpeting, and of course, linoleum. In addition, Caruso’s now not only provides flooring solutions for residential homeowners, but their design and installation team often handle new construction and commercial projects.


“We’re grateful for the support of the Spokane community for the last seventy-five years,” states Bill, “our returning customers are the people who make this business great!”

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